Friday, February 22, 2013

Java Update with Ask toolbar - I did it!

A recent articel from Ed Bott handles the Java update process and the integrated Ask toolbar installation option. I will not go into detail (that I don't know) about this but I mostly agree with +Cay Horstmann - who Didn't Ask for a Toolbar with That Java.

I am passionate about Java. I use it every (working) day. The product and it's ecosystem are amazing. Today I feel the need to give something back!

Therefore I installed Java INCULDING the Ask toolbar
Oracle, you really deserved it. Feel free to use the earned money - no matter what for.

OK, to be true, I didn't installed it on my computer. Instead it was a perfect opportunity to test VirtualBox - another free Oracle product that comes (as far as I noticed) without an Ask toolbar installation option.

And because I am passionate about Java I will now delete the created "Java Update virtual machine" and I maybe also sign the petition against the Ask toolbar integration.

Oracle, if I can do anything else for your success - please let me know. I will do my very best - Thanks for sharing Java!


  1. I liked virtualbox, but it doesnt support linux kernels over 3.15.
    Now i cant apprecate that any more :/

    1. I run 3.15.5 on Arch and virtualbox works perfectly fine on it

  2. I have never tried linux with VirtualBox but the current User Manual (2004-2014) lists Linux kernel 3.x as supported host ( and guest ( operating systems.